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We'll be closing down on 23rd of March 2016.

Hello! I'm P Pea

Below is one of two dialogues between Webs assistance personnel and me:

This is the second dialogue, the first one I did not recorded.

Hello! Welcome to WEBS. How are you doing today?
PPea: I'm fine, thank you!
Jeremy: How can I help you?
PPea: Sir! I would like to close my website, it's a premium site.
Jeremy: A site cannot be deleted until the premium services expire. You can take it offline in the meantime.
PPea: Oh, I see. However, how do I take it offline?
Jeremy: If you would like to take your site offline please click on PAGES in the upper right of your sitebuilder.
Jeremy: Next to each page name you will see an X icon to the right. You can click that to delete all your pages except the homepage.
Jeremy: Delete the content on the homepage and write what you would like your site visitors to see about your site being offline. Some common things you can write are 'This site is no longer available', 'We've moved to a new location', 'Here is our new link', etc.
PPea: Thank you! You're really helpful with my enquires.
Jeremy: You're welcome!
Jeremy: Did you have any other questions?
PPea: Yes. Can I post this dialogue on my homepage?
Jeremy: If you'd like...
PPea: Thanks again. You have a nice day!
Jeremy: You're welcome and thanks!