By protesting, we're reversing communism!



   h   y   
                s   ics        

To protest against the Police (Cong An) of Vietnam.  
Cong An are 100% belonging to North Vietnam which is Communist not a party but as a whole. 


This is a camera

Turn on the light to have your photo taken

Why not go outside?

One beautiful afternoon walking with a friend and his small dog near the city. A while later, his dog did a poo. He pulled out some papers and picked up the poo and put it in the bin. Why did you pick up poo?  It's illegal to leave your dog poo on the footpath.  When we reached a shop. You mind my dog, I go in and get ice-creams. Just to play a trick, I leaded his dog to a larger pile of dog poo and stood there waiting. Your dog did a  poo again! Ok! Hold ice-creams so I can pick it up. We continued eating and walking. Then he saw one similar pile of dog poo again. Wait a minute, isn't? Yes, it is! He yelled out: Hey! You see I don't swear at all. But inside I swear a lot. I wish that you slip over that dog poo and drive home.

Chatting about Corruptions

People chatting over the internet use simple language. The main point is to understand each other. We chat for hours with any particular topic. You

see, it is simple. At this moment, we are chatting one way. When chatting two ways is more complicated. Many people in Vietnam and China using computers to chat. You know what they chat? Chatting about corruptions! Now, Vietnam has many big corruptions ranging down to small one.

On the other side of the interface I can't see a person's face. Maybe a camera has been corrupted by a Cong An. What I should do is chat more and understand what the person is writing about before making a final decision. One must also be sensitive when replying. Chatting about corruptions is a big issue that they are facing. We can look for friendships. However, when the topic of corruption is introduce, say: "No!"  Tell them: "Me non-corruption!" 

In conclusion, chatting about corruptions is an effective way of communication. People need to participate in anti-corruption activities to exclude corruptions on a day to day basis by chatting. Once the freedom of speech is clear then we can move on. If we don't read or hear about it then it is not exist. I hope after you read my brief essay you can feel how dramatically corruptions are in Vietnam and China.


In Vietnam now.

I can call a Cong An to delivery pizza if I want to!
He or she is happily delivery it. could be in an alive state, a death state or maybe...Quantum Physics

Melbourne 30/04/08 

On a table of an Operating Theater you don't have much choice left. However, I said to one of a Surgeon who stood on my left side: "Doctor, you know that paper of your badge is paper, your photo is also paper. So if you think that the paper of the badge is real then your photo is real too. Ok? However, if you think that your photo is only real then it is real." He said: "Are you Christian?"  I replied: "No, I'm Buddhism." He asked me to fold my ring finger on the left hand in touching the thumb, I folded it in maybe for the last time. Then one of a doctor injected my left Ulnar vein with anaesthetic to put me to sleep. At that moment, I think of my girlfriend.

Last Christmas...

I gave a doctor a box of chocolate with a card saying thank-you.
My girlfriend said: "You try to bribe a doctor, are you?"
I said: "Yes! I'm lucky to be alive to bribe!" 

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